What?! Pasadena Playhouse Pianist and Newport Beach Pianist/Vocalist!?

Yes in one weekend Mr Los Angeles Pianist/Vocalist turned into Newport Beach Pianist and
Pasadena Playhouse Pianist!

Such a fun weekend!

Saturday was so great! I had been asked by Genevieve at Pasadena Playhouse to play the piano for the diner as an
opener for a truly grand evening of entertainment including a stellar performance by the legendary Freda Payne!

I really had no idea what to expect of the evening prior to arriving and upon entering the Theater was blown away! Just walking into such an artistic space was amazing!
And right upon entering through a back entrance I was struck by the sound of a beautifully rich, well-mic-ed Steinway and Sons Grand Piano accompanying the wondrous voice of none other than Freda Payne! Who was running through her upcoming set…wow!

And for me playing Big Band Swing, Sinatra, Vibey, let-it-rip Jazz piano for the diner for the very art loving patrons including Jane Fonda, Martin Sheen and so many beautiful retro-60s-Catskills wonderful people and in such a cool venue–It was just pinch-me-WOW!

An honor.

Then on Sunday after my morning Lutheran Church gig. I ran home quick changed into Newport Beach mode and made my way down to
the Grand Opening of a jewelry store opened by Twila True! Can you say Elegant and over the top!

I was asked by awesome guitarist/vocalist Jessi MacLeod to come and help with the musical duties. Kind of unique to be asked to play with another solo musician and and also a guitarist. We were initially going to trade sets. Jessi just jumped in the middle of my set and BAM we ended up playing about an hour together. It was so much fun.

Creating that fuller sound and so-nice-to-hear piano,guitar and sweet vocal harmonies sound!

And you know, Newport Beach! Lovely vibe. Lot’s of photographers and stunning jewelry models and artistic and good looking people.

Not to mention the Ferrari’s in the dealership next door! : )

Great times. Can’t wait til tomorrow!

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