Party Pianist Woodland Hills Strikes Again!

Pianist For Parties Woodland Hills – Super Fun Gig!

Pianist for Parties Woodland Hills! And yes, It was a SUPER FUN GIG!

A 50th Birthday Party and the venue was genius.

Now, why would I say that? Well, first of all, a beautiful home in Woodland Hills.

Secondly, the piano is in a very cool spot in the home. And, it’s got character and a great vibe.

On top of that, it’s a beautiful night and everyone is in such a good mood.

We’re having a blast one of the guests comes over and says she’s a pro bass player and lives near by and wants to sit in.

So, I say, if the host is good I’m ready!

He gives the green light and next thing I know the bass player is jamming like nobody’s business.

Party Pianist Woodland Hills

Meanwhile now people are dancing downstairs and having an even better time.

I was going to possibly leave but the host wants me to stay another hour.

So I stay and the fun roars on.

Some people even come up where we’re playing and sing along.

It’s time to go – too early. The host gives me a seriously great tip and I’m walking out except one of the guests wants me to stay and offers to compensate me generously for one more hour.

So we come back and sing songs for another hour.

At which time I’ve got to get out of there it’s into the wee hours and I’ve got a 10am gig in Beverly Hills in a few hours.

One of those Oh What a Night Parties!

I’m not going to lie.

I love my job.

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