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Party Pianist reviews could be interesting if you’re looking for a pianist-um- for an upcoming party. I just got some nice ones so I thought I’d put them up here !

Plus, I may add some earlier ones! 

Here comes number one! It’s from Sandy! : 

The most amazing piano player and singer of all time

What a talent ! what a Mench! what an overall great guy! He made my brothers party the best ever. Also because Marc is such a knowledgeable pianist it was the first time I could sing a song that I love in my right key !

He is so flexible. When we had dinner and wanted soft music he accommodated with a beautiful voice and piano and when we were ready to “party” he was so great even helping the kids pick songs and either sing along or sing by themselves …. he played improv background backup music and sound so my brother could rap…. it was just such a fun great time!

Marc also knows all the great songs too! It felt like we found our new lost member of the family who happens to be an extremely talented musician! Thank you again Marc and we will see you back here very soon!!!

  • Reviewer: Sandy G

Here’s another!!

Marc Blew all our Minds! Versatility Flexibility

I, Stanley Wolshin, Hawaii Stars Winner, came to Party/Event thrown for me from Hawaii…Marc Blew our Minds . His Singing is Awesome so easy on the ears. It’s Marc’s Humble Modest Demeanor We Loved. ⭐️💜We like to Refer Guys like Marc to Our Celebrity/V. I. P. Friends n Families because to MARC DABOSSMAN BOSSERMAN Every one gets Treated like a V. I. P./CELEBRITY!
Will be posting video of Marc free-styling : @wolshin Instagram :cause that was my Request! Disclaimer;Marc is not a Relative or Friend @ time of Party He just Made the Kids n Aunties everyone feel like ⭐️🎼🎤🎹Stars⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️🏆👑💜

  • Reviewer: Stanley W.

Ok, here’s one more from an earlier Yelp reviews: 

Marc made my birthday so much better with the choice of music and his beautiful voice! 
It was a casual birthday party at a wine tasting room. 
Marc is very reasonably priced, punctual,and has a great repertoire. Even if you are not sure what kind of music you’d like for your event, Marc is able to read the guests and satisfy even the most picky music buffs. 
I highly recommend Marc and would definitely book him for my future events!

Reviewer: Marina B

And one more from Yelp:

This talented, spirited and giving pianist truly helped make our party into more of an event! 

I called Marc 2 weeks prior to our event asking if he would be able to play 30s – 40s era music for my mother’s 90th birthday party. He enthusiastically said yes and had his wife, Jody, call me to schedule. 

Later, I called Marc to ask him about playing on the grand piano at my mother’s house  – it was way out of tune, I told him. He sent a wonderful piano tuner out to check. The cost of tuning the piano didn’t make sense since we don’t normally play the piano and our mother is 90 years old… 

Anyhow, I thought he would have to play his digital piano. But, to our happy surprise, Marc was able to play the baby grand piano beautifully! 

We cannot thank Marc enough for his wonderful playing and kind personality! We more than highly recommend him.

Reviewer: Megan M

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