Party Pianist Los Angeles Yaaay Super 60th Birthday Party!!

Exciting time for Mr Party Pianist Los Angeles.

And more importantly a super fun time was had by all at Roxan’s amazing 60th Birthday Party.

The “Venue Amazing” was “The Reef” in Long Beach. It’s right next to the Queen Mary in

Long Beach. Such a great spot to play and on such a great occasion.

As a matter of fact…it’s the second time I’ve played there this month.


Another thing that made it really super awesome was that I had played for a wedding of some of Roxan’s good  friends last year and

that had been a blast. And since it was a lot of the same people it was so great to see them all again.

Furthermore it was the same people that crowded around the piano at the wedding cocktail hour that then crowded around the piano for

more singing and fun. For instance the ladies even did a line dance for Billy Rae Cyrus’s Achey Breaky Heart.

Party Pianist Los Angeles New Favorite Venue!

Also, the venue is just amazing. This time we were on the roof at night in beautiful Long Beach, CA, Summer weather. Amazing view, fabulous space, magical city lights,  and wondrous ocean. Wow! Very friendly attentive service and  beautiful friends and family of  Roxan!

Party Pianist Los Angeles Marc Bosserman Set up for Birthday party at the Reef.

This great venue seems like it has about 4 or 5 different places for private events as well as a local bar scene too . From what I could tell. The place was packed and up beat and every one looked great and was having a good time.

Roxan’s two sons Arthur and Adrian both were musicians and at one point in the evening they even busted out their guitars and played and sang for mom. This gave me a chance to just enjoy the space. And the boys  were super upbeat. They sang a long with all the songs they knew and made a bunch of great requests too.

One thing I really loved about it was that Roxan was very organized and knew all the songs that she wanted to hear. So I had a huge set list from her with all her favorites from all my song lists and she even added a bunch that she just loved.And of course I tried to do them all. (that was the first time I ever did..Achey Breaky Heart- And with one of her guests chiming in next to me, I think we did a pretty great job.. the dancing was awesome.)

Incidentally the song list from her turned out to be a great idea. I always knew where to grab the songs from her list and when ever there was a break in the guest requests I just went back to it.

I don’t know who has more fun the Birthday girl and friends or the party pianist Los Angeles!





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