Pandemic Pianist Ready for Whatever you need!

Pandemic Pianist – Who would have predicted that one? : )

Not me.

Last year I was able to play 668 gigs in Los Angeles.

I played at the Waldorf for several months where I met and played for Arnold and David Foster and well tons of Celebrities that maybe I shouldnt even mention…that was fun.

I was playing regularly in 5 or 6 super nice restaurants when I wasn’t playing super fun weddings, private parties, fundraisers, Country Clubs, etc…

Fast forward to this Pandemic!

The week after the NBA shut down I started the week with not my usual 15-20 gigs lined up but…0 gigs!



What to do…yes, the government has been generous in covering enough of my expenses that I’m not getting kicked out of my living space.

And I’ve had loan offers but I’m just old school and want to pay for things. I don’t like to go into debt and I don’t like to lay down when the going gets ridiculously nutty.

Pandemic Pianist Plans

Enter the plan…Start playing internet gigs- ZOOM, Youtube, Facebook or whatever platform you want.

Start streaming on line daily for tips.

See my links on my home page…

Start selling CDs to fans. Https://

Anyway and I’m available to come play for you for small ( keeping the protocol) events.

And will wear a mask and take whatever precautions needed to ensure everyone is safe.

I exercise every day, don’t eat sugar, get sunlight daily etc… too so my immune system is rocking!

I’m able to perform on any online platform events.

And This Pianist Does Music Production

I’ve also found that many people have asked me to work on producing music for release as well.

I’ve produced music for Network TV and many other artists.

And I’m currently working with songwriters and artist who want tracks produced and recording and mixing and mastering for release on spotify, youtube, applemusic etc…

Let me know if I can help you! : )

Stay productive and creative and we’ll all be happier!

Thanks for reading!

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