One Crazy Busy Los Angeles Wedding, Party Pianist!!

One of the most oft questions I get asked is…..

Where are you playing??

I’ve had a few little changes recently so….just in case you can’t keep up…

Note: If you can’t  easily follow my schedule don’t worry.I am playing 6-7-8-10 times every week  and only with Joni’s help can I possibly keep up…..

But here we go! (Ok-if you get lost at any time-if you go to my gig page it is probably simpler…)

Mondays- I’m at The Parkway Grill- Pasadena on Arroyo ParkwayYamaha Grand- Beautiful place, Beautiful cuisine. Stellar!


Tuesdays- Ford’s Filling Station -Culver City- Yes- Harrison Ford’s Son- Owner, Chef Gastro Pub- which means pub food-amazing! : )Hip-Great food!!

This week- Tonight, Wednesday…Season’s 52 in Century City- (there are 3 of them in the general area- I play at 2 of them)Great food that’s not heavy on the calories. Fantastic Piano/mic set up. Great sound. Wow!

Thursday’s now- Left Coast Wine Bar- Glendale right across from the Americana on “Harvard” Street.Awesome-friendly, fine-fantastic!

Every other Saturday in Sept- I’m playing at Citrus Plaza in Redlands From 6-8pOne of my favs…kids, Starbucks, outside, the sun sets…It’s awesome!

Fridays Mostly! : )
Thursdays Mostly! : )


Also in Sept every other Friday- Season’s 52- Century City or Santa Monica- 6-11

And…I’m playing a wedding almost every Saturday as well!! : )

Ok…here’s the simple way to find out…..

And here’s something to keep in mind….

If you are doing a fundraiser or wedding or a party and there is a conflict with one of my night on my schedule..Please call me or Joni anyway….Your event is going to have a priority in my life! : )

And I can “cover” any of these gigs if I have other commitments like for instance awesome you! : )

Also- at any time you can text me…818-269-0988and say where are you tonight? : )I will text you back! : )

And then there are my bodacious students and other music tracks, songwriting and recording etc…projects. Deluxe!

So BIG  Thanks for all your support. I love what I do for a living and I love interacting with cool people hence…me-you! : )

Hope you are also creating a lot of beauty whatever you are up to! : )

Let me know if I can help you in your music dept or any dept! : )


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