Never a dull rest for fantastically busy! : )

Big Gig Week!

Played at Parkway and Varnish, an Art Gallery and a wedding  and loved every one  of them.

The Varnish: 20’s, heavy jazz, ragtime-speakeasy cool.Varnish B and W

The Parkway Grill:

If you like the more chill modern, smooth vibe.

Full gig schedule is here!

I liked both of those and…. the

Art Gallery

I had a great gig at the Left Coast Art Gallery! Wonderful place. Played, hung out with art lovers and artists and the coolest proprietors in history!!

Artist View

(by the way-tons of all kinds of photos here)

Tom and Rochelle are the people who own it and they are just plain wonderful people in addition to having keen appreciation for art! : ) They also own the Left Coast Wine Bar and Art Gallery in Glendale across from the Americana.piano from backI got to hang with these be-utiful artists amazing.

marc and jdmarc and erinAnd Saturday…last minute….


Two friends, last minute, beautiful. A wedding.

I had some of the most amazing Chinese Food ever. And I have now been to a wedding that was three languages, Bride- Chinese, Groom-French, the language all of us other nondescripts speak- English.

It was awesome. Great venue and great treat for all. I also played for Barbie Wiggins who is an amazing singer.

Major Production!!

I’m having the absolute pleasure of working with Marconi De Morais on one of my songs. It’s really coming a lot well and I’m learning so much.

Great experience. It is helping me with all of my music I’m doing.

He’s awesome and the song is beautiful.


I’m working with a boatload of different people on different songs and the like. And trying to stay up with it all. Catch more songs, demos etc… here!

Life is amazing!!

If you need music let me know.

The right music can make anything so cool. : )


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