I Became a Nashville Pianist, And I Got New Amazing Songs, Nice!

So, now I’m Nashville Pianist who transplanted from Los Angeles for a weekend . And damn, it was FUN!

Nashville was fantastic and productive.

I arrived LATE Friday night…and got up relatively early to drive to where the gig was….

The gig was actually in Cullman Alabama!

Roy Drinkard- amazing guy- turned 103. 2200 people showed up to say Happy Birthday.

Steve , Bob, Roy the Man , Marc

He’s an absolutely amazing person! It was a 6 hour gig with an amazing band which included the legendary Rory Hoffman on sax, clarinet, banjo, accordion and singing and wow….
Vocals by the lovely Victoria Summers slaying everyone with her singing and style! : )
Bob Sullivan on drums- yay Bob for awesome playing and for BOOKing it!
Bass was Kevin Corbo – a local bass sensation.
And Steven Gary on everything….trumpet, guitars, BGs, bass when Kevin took a break…

And of course Mr Nashville Pianist for a day – Me!

Mr Nashville Pianist and Super Band

Such a beautiful day.

And we even got to play Sweet Home Alabama in Alabama which was AWESOME! : )

So after 6 hours of greeting people at 103, Roy was walking over to get some photos with the cake…

Was he wiped out and tired….NO!!

He wanted, rather, insisted on getting some pictures with the band…and everyone else who walked up for any reason…Roy was just a funny and non-stop good nature and a charmer…

What an inspiration!

Ok….that was Saturday…Sunday….a looooong and EPIC vocal session tracking all the vocals and background vocals for my 4 songs produced by Travis Allen.

It was interspersed with a tour of my good friend Bob Sullivan’s Fruit tree Ranch/pond/ scary trail homestead. Bob just moved his headquarters to Nashville.

Super fun, super great learning experience, all.

Can’t wait for you all to hear the songs. The first one’s rough mix sounds fantastic! : )

Maybe I’ll post it.

The guys in the band on my tracks have loooong resumes of playing with EVERYBODY…and now Marc Bosserman!! : )

Monday was a day chilling in Nashville. I even saw the TACO BELL with LIVE MUSIC! ( only in Nashville)


TUESDAY was back to LA for a whirlwind 11 gigs in 5 days…

Wow, I like playing…I think you know that by now…

The video today is Metalica or Bob Seager whoever you like more.

Just for the record there are about 10 new vides on my youtube…in the past 2 weeks.

So if you haven’t been over there for a minute check it out. : )


I’m not in the process of getting 4 songs produced here with two amazing producers.

More current vibes.

I’m super excited to see what we can come up with.

More coming…I’ll try to post more vids and Instagram and everything…

It gets kind of crazy.

If you know anyone who might want to help me as an assistant. I think I’m getting to the point where I can’t

keep up with all the excitement.

Thanks for being there!

And all your email and comments and feedback on every platform.

I so appreciate you. It’s just fun to have friends to share stuff with.

If I can help you with anything please let me know.


Keep making it amazing. That’s the only way it will be amazing! : )

The world is counting on us! : )


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