Creating Beauty for the World is a Full Time Job!

There is so much going on!

I am really busy and that’s good, isn’t it?

I’m gigging (i.e. working)(i.e. playing : ] ) a lot!

I’m working on my songs.

I’m learning all kinds of things: new software, recording techniques etc…..


The Varnish is on Tues.  Parkway Grill on Monday. “Left Coast” this coming Thurs. Last Thurs I did Braemar Country Club! Which was beautiful.

They are all fun. All a challenge to keep them fresh and vital and deliver the goods.


I realized that any music can be elevated to fine art. Even “graphic art” can be fine art. How about that!  I realized that “dinner music” can be fine art and that’s what I am doing, fine art.  That was a good one! My playing is better and my mission is to keep pushing the bar up on the quality and the content of what I’m playing.

(photo- this dude named Matt took these cool photos at the Varnish on Tues)

I’ve been fortunate to be able to play fundraisers with amazing vocalists. Beautiful rooms with wonderful people.

Today I go into some Hollywood studio to record Michael Duff’s Christmas CD!! Cool!!

Gig’s are listed here!


I’ve been working with Marconi De Morais on my songs. What a learning experience. It’s really a dream come true to be able to work with someone who really has the total professional standard of  music production.  I’m really blown away with the product so far. (although we have  still a ways to go.)

For instance this song was too high for me to sing in the key that I wrote it but, the chords on the guitar that I was playing needed to be played “open” to get the lowest notes of the guitar. So I thought I just had to sing it high. But Marconi suggested we tune the guitar down a whole step.

Wow! It makes so much difference.  Might sound simple. I never knew you could do that.

I even had to use a pick on the song. (me, I never use a pick) So, I’m learning all kinds of new stuff and really raising the bar on the quality of my performance and product.

It’s amazing to be in that situation where I’m realizing that I really did not know practically the first thing about music production. And I’m having to really re-learn so much from the bottom up.

Scary, but wow, exciting! I’m setting the foundation for a totally industry standard of production.

Marconi is amazing!! His you tube web site is here. He’s got this great story of playing for Barry Gordy’s Birthday party and meeting Stevie Wonder there.

Everything Else!

Isn’t it crazy how many things there are to delve into? I want to watch the whole DVD of the new Pro Tools recording program I got and spend hours just learning all the features.

(Not to mention the other 25 programs I have.)

Pasadena Fundraiser
Pasadena Fundraiser

I played such a great gig last week at the Bel Air Bay Club. I decided that I should promote to every Country Club in LA and area. And…every restaurant and caterer  and wedding planner and hotel in Malibu and Beverly Hills and Bel Air….

Only question, when do I have time to do that?  And the million other awesome ideas that i have in promotion and production???

Photo’s here! Lot’s on new ones!

Life is amazing!

I love hearing from you. You can make comments or leave a reply on any post on this site.

Let me know if you need anything “music”! : )


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