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It’s been a busy year so far for this Musician Los Angeles!

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I just posted a video on Youtube…does a guy do 533 gigs in a year?

That’s what I did last year and I aim to beat that this year! :  )

Playing is just so fun. And, I love to make amazing more amazing!


I guess one of the best parts of being a Musician Los Angeles is that there are so many great spots to play at.

And since LA is such an art-oriented town I’m going to say that music gets even more love here than it might get in some other areas.

This week I’m playing in Pasadena,  Ladera Heights, Studio City, City of Industry, La Puente, Santa Clarita, Monrovia, Burbank, Hemet-ok Hemet is not really Los Angles- to name a few.

Plus, it’s a resort, a Steakhouse, A private party in the Pasadena Hills, A Church service for seniors. etc…Lot’s of variety.

Musician Los Angeles Key Fun Word: “Diversity”!

And, 0ne of the other cool things about being able to play piano and sing in such a diverse area. Each part of it has it’s own cool vibe and character.

I love this town!

Another awesome thing about my musician life and how I have it set up currently is that I get to play in all kinds of different settings. I’ve been performing for some seniors here and there and so get to concentrate on show tunes and American Songbook.

But I’ve also found that Classic Rock and Pop tunes just work for a Business Luncheon in Monrovia. Where more current pop tunes are thrown in there. That’s what’s needed in the Resort in La Puente where I’m playing twice this week.

Musician Los Angeles

And then when I’m working on adding electronic dance elements into Jazz flavored songs. One of my songwriter-singer partners. Fun, contrast!!

Not to mention,  charting Broadway show songs for another creative musical partner.

Also tonight I’m going to be playing solo piano in Studio City at the Bistro Garden. And tomorrow I’ll be singing and playing in a more casual family restaurant in Santa Clarita called The Olive Terrace Bar and Grill.

And then on Saturday just for fun, I’ll be MC/DJing and will be playing Piano for a wedding happening in Hemmet. Now there’s a new one for me. (Djing/MCing)


Did I mention sometime in the same week rehearsing with the 13-piece band show/dance band featuring 4 horns. While, later, the same week in a duo with a drummer at a Country Club. Then, of course, my regular solo singing and playing but also just playing the piano. They are both fun to do.

The variety rocks!

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