Music is My Thing

Music is my thing. I make my  living at it.

I do a lot of gigs as a pianist. I play at the Parkwaygrill in Pasadena on Monday nights. I play at Vitello’s in Studio City on Fridays. I also love to and play at  parties, weddings, diners, fundraisers, you name it, and you know what, they’re all fun.
I also spend as much time in my studio as possible. I have a ton of tunes all over the internet. Almost all of them I produced myself at home.

I produce, demos, backing tracks, rock and roll, R and B, Jazz, all kinds for styles. I have done Metal even. I find that each project is a really fun challenge.

I always work from the point of view that the what the person wants is the most important thing and if they’re not happy I’m not happy.

I just scored a film called “Invisible” which has been quite an experience. I am ready to do more at this point. Wow that was exciting.

I’m teaching both music and recording techniques. I love helping people learn. Knowledge is really the key to a better life.  It is empowering.

I’m setting up this  web site to be able to let  everyone know the sorts of things that  I can do and have done so if they need help they might let me know.

I love helping people.


Gigging tonight!!

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