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Music Production Los Angeles – And More!

Really, Music Production Los Angeles!

I know, most of you know me because I’m the guy who plays 10 gigs a week!


And I do and I love my gigs. you can find my gig page here listing some of the public gigs I do.

But, did you know that I also almost weekly I produce music for, film, TV, international singers, and songwriters?

And, did you know that it’s really fun stuff?

In fact, there is never a dull moment. It’s a great time to be a part of the amazing music industry. There is a HUGE explosion in the amount of music needed for TV and Video and Film etc… and that’s super exciting.


This past week I’ve spent time scoring a film. It’s a beautiful short film and the score was very simple piano and some strings! : )

It came out really beautifully. I wish I could share it with you but the film is not realsed yet…but, it was super fun working on it.


I’ve also been creating a dance remix for a Russian Singer. I helped produce the music for her last single and then I took the tracks and changed them around to create more of a modern electronic dance music version. ( that’s why it’s called a “remix” because you take the elements and add some things and take some out and make a different song from it.


That is also super fun to do. And there are all kinds of tools available to make it fun.


Plus I’ve produced many songs for different artists to help them realize their songs. And even helped them to create them.


Find Out More or Book Music Production Los Angeles

You can find some examples of TV and Film here. http://marcbosserman/music-production

Or you can just contact me to discuss your project

Maybe we can create something amazing together!

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