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Music for Fundraisers – Too Fun!

Music for Fundraisers.

It’s a gas, gas, gas!

I was asked by the very excellent people at CCHR to play music for the after party.

I mean, this is big time it’s quite a “to do”!

Well firstky, this year it was at the beautiful and amazing Langham Hotel in Pasadena.

What a beautiful venue.

Next, great band we needed to go from current pop and rock/dance music to old school dance and fun.

And so I called Karl for guitar and singing. And I held down the bass on the Steinway…oh, did I mention the Steinway Grand in the Lobby Lounge? : )

Then I called Bob Sullivan for holding down the drums. He plays all over all the time and knows everything.

And then for fun and becuase the gig is just always over the top Jim Scimonetti on sax.

And, we tore it up.

Music for Fundraisers
Fundraiser Music Genius!!

We had a blast. Playing from 10pm until 1am. They wouldn’t let us break hardly at all.

Ok, they had wanted to make sure that the younger cwond could have a great time and that the older crowd could jam to thier favorites too. So we had our “play” cut out for us.

And we had the fun factor too with Jim and, actually, the whole band is pretty high fun factor.

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