Mr Maniac-play-your-butt-off-Los Angleles-Pianist!! Thanks you! : )

Pianos Rock!

Well, right about now I’m thankful for pianos and cool people who

have amazing parties and weddings and hang out where I’m playing.


I love to play pianos and I love interacting with cool people!!

I love making music!!: )

Thanks for being interested!

YES!! I’ve got 7 gigs all over Los Angeles lined up and lots more to do…music wise!

Check out the schedule here!

I’m rejuvenated about my own music and being a songwriter and

I’m going to be putting out a lot more material very soon!


My students are awesome! I love that I learn every time I teach! : )

Thanks to you guys too!
Christmas is right around the corner and that’s always good for my studio! : ))

And its the busiest time of the year for Mr Maniac-play-your-butt-off-Los Angleles-Pianist!!
So what’s not to be thankful for!!

Hope your season ROCKS!!

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