Mr Maniac Pianist, Vocalist, Los Angeles Area! Redlands, Santa Monica? What? : )

A week in the Life….Mr Maniac Los Angeles Pianist!

10 Gigs and some amazing timing and thrills.

On Saturday for instance I went to play piano and sing in Santa Barbara for a 10:30 yes am wedding at one of the most awesome venues ever!

The Cliff House Inn. Then at 2:00 I packed up and drove to Redlands CA for my gig at Citrus Plaza 6-8.

I drove home tired and happy! (whew-Santa Barbara and Redlands in one day)

I love piano at weddings! : )
What’s not to love? : )









Then on Sunday….I  got up and played 3 gigs in one day.
Starting with Holy Shepard 10-11 then a Jewish Naming Ceremony Party from 12-4 in Santa Monica

with a trio! ( the bass player-Mr Richard Maloof- played with Lawrence Welk for….15 years, yo!! )

Piano Trio for Parties! : )
Piano Trio for an Awesome wedding! : )














And then my more usual Sunday Night in Century City at Season’s 52.

What can I say….I love to play and I’ve noticed that when you do something a lot you really

get pretty good at it! : ))

Anyway.. the rest of the week was also action packed….

Get the gig page here to see what’s coming up

how could I almost forget.. this week I got my first “real”...BMI check for the composing I did for the TV show I worked on

last year!

Awesome!! : ))

If you need amazing musical artistry and singing and or recording,a lesson,  songwriting, composition for your

upcoming TV show…or just want to gush about how awesome music is…let me know! : )

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