Mr Los Angeles Pianist Plays Redlands-Citrus Plaza!


I always love getting down to Citrus Plaza!
For the past 3 years I’ve had the opportunity to drive down..usually on a weekend night and play piano and sing popular songs for all the cool people who come hang out.

They promote music from 6-8pm but I usually try to start at 5:45 when the piped in music stops and I will almost always play right up until 8:15 when it starts again.

It’s always refreshing to play for families and kids that come to hang out.

Often there are at least three generations.

The spot where I generally set up is in font of the Starbucks. It’s in back of a fountain where kids can splash and run around with other kids. It’s sort of like a playground where kids and parents can hang out and chat and eat ice cream from the Coldstones or get a Jamba Juice or Starbucks and just enjoy the evening.

Great warm Summer night atmosphere.

The musical tastes are all over the map. I play newer songs for the kids Katy Perry songs or Bruno Mars , Jack Johnson etc..

And The Classics- Eagles, Beatles, Elton John and of course…Pianoman!

And some nights Frank Sinatra tunes and other standards are a big hit.

You never know…I will pass out my song lists and the people there will request the set list.

Sadly I just played my last booked show there for this year! Now, I can hardly wait til May when the series starts up again!

I’ll miss you Citrus Plaza! I’m looking forward to our next meeting! : )

redlands plaza fountain where I play piano and sing


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