More Stars for Los Angles Vocalist-Pianist Guy!

I love this review…just got on Yelp!

5 Yelp stars 10/29/2015

Marc is the kind of guy you usually ignore. He’s the piano man. He’s the guy who plays the music to fill in the gaps of conversation while you fumble for words to say to the stranger who you’ve regretfully invited to eat with you, whom you’ve just met on Tinder, hoping for an escape from this nightmare you’ve found yourself in.

And then it happens… the man at the piano plays a sweet tune that brings a smile to the face of your date. It’s an oldie but goodie. She begins to sing along and you find yourself awkwardly smiling and looking around because you don’t know how this is going to turn out.

She encourages me to sing along: “You know the words!” she says. Of course I do, it’s Journey… I hesitate.. she gives me a prod.. So I give in.

Fast forward 10 mins and we’re at the piano, drinks in hand, arms around each other… and Marc, belting out tune after tune. An hour went by and the lights came on. It was the end of the night and I didn’t want to leave. I tipped Marc and took a card… and then gave the man a big hug. I think we connected that night.

I just found his card in my jacket pocket. It’s been almost year since I saw him, but now that I’ve found him here on Yelp I had to share my story, I can’t wait to have another great night, sharing a piano bench with him.

As for the girl.. she took the midnight train going anywhere..

Thanks–Chris W-You rock my world! : )

View on Yelp here!


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