More Awesome Weddings-With Mr Los Angeles Pianist

I won’t lie I always have a blast playing weddings! They are beautiful and wonderful.

I’m really excited about one I have coming up in 2015. It will be on the beach-with a horse drawn carriage bringing the bride.

The music is going to be Disney and Cinderella! OMG! I can’t wait.

I think I’m even going to sing…”Can You Feel the Love Tonight” to open the ceremony!


Another recent beautiful wedding….the Bride and Groom just got married at their engagement party! Which just the engagement party by itself would have been incredibly awesome!! But just getting married on the spot was over the top!!


I loved meeting the families. And one of the super memorable parts of the day for me was the Groom surprising the Bride and singing “At Last”to her.

He killed it!

One other that comes to mind…the young children of the bride walked her down the isle singing the incredibly

beautiful John Legend song…”All of Me”!

It never ceases to amazing how unique every wedding is and how personal and wonderful they each are.

I look forward to 2015 and all the brave couples I may get to work with!

Thanks for making all of our lives more excellent!

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