Marc’s ipad=More Awesome Live Piano Music! : )

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Yes I have an ipad and it’s awesome. I use it at every gig I play. I used to bring an entire suitcase to every gig so that if someone came up and said…Do you know “Swanee River” or whatever I would be able to get my hands on it and play it.

When you create amazing piano music like  I do for a living that’s the name of the game. I may put my own spin on the tune but I start with the basic tune every time. : )

I researched a lot of different tablets to figure out which one to get and finally settled on the ipad  because I’m a musician and while I love Android, ipad has way more useful music apps at the moment.

I recently got a food pedal that I can use to control it made by a company called airturn .

The pedal allows me to turn pages with a foot switch so I can keep my hands on the piano and it’s wireless.  : )

Here’s a vid of the airturn page turner thingy! : )

The apps I use are awesome! One is called “Gigbook”.  It allows one to load any pdf file into it and can load in entire song books as a book. Then the individual songs in the book can be saved as “bookmarks”. They then show up on a list of separate songs so you can find your hottest songs easily.

I also use one called “Songbook Chordpro” that allows one to go on the internet (and so far everywhere I have played has wifi-an internet connection) and instantly find almost any current song or pop song for the past 50 years and find the chords for it and the lyrics!! It’s awesome. These songs can then be saved in the program.


This has made my life so much better and my gigs so much more fun and most importantly has allowed me to give my audience more of exactly what they want !!

Cool!! : )

I just don’t go anywhere with out it now! What will they think of next?


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