Marc on TV! And all kinds of Crazy Stuff!

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I was on TV and here’s a link to this site. It’s awesome! : )

What a fluke they called me the day of the show because someone cancelled and I went on that night!!  Hello TV land.

Also got to play with a trio on Saturday night at this rad place called “The Left Coast Wine Bar and Art Gallery“.

The Trio was Ben Beckley on Drums and Marty Buttwinick on Bass.

We smoked it out.Marc 090606 005

It was Gabriella’s birthday and she had tons of frineds who hung out all night and we had a blast. Also my super great friends came with thier super great friends and OMG.

Herbie Katz brought his harp.  And we jammed.

A guy named Garnik played guitar and sangNights in White Satin“.Marc 090606 044

We had so much fun.  A dude named Pat who was there came up and sang “Fire and Rain” and a girl named Lita sang “Over the Rainbow“.  It was non stop fun.

There are tons more photos of this night here

It was fun. I had earlier that day played an engagement party for two really good looking people both of whom are named Jeremy/Jeramee. And I’m going to say the kids are going to be really good looking, no way around it.

I was in the studio every night last week working on tunes and had a ton of fun doing that. I learned a lot. I got to play a bunch of organ and strings. : ) It’s always awesome to learn new tricks and I’m sure that’ll make the the future in the studio much brighter.

And wow! Emerald Man is coming to life! We’re writing a new song! It’s beautiful. There are new twists and old twists and there will be a performanace of Emerald Man in November. And it will be beautiful!!

EMERALD MAN is alive and well.

If you want more info on EMAN click here!

Marty and I spent 3 hours today working on the background vocals for his catchy “Hello ,I Love You Dear”. Which were done by the talented Katie Harris!! : )

Dr Dan and I are working on “Gilda”!!

Thanks for stopping by and checking it all out…

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