Pianist Meets Grizzly Adams and It’s…Nature Boy! : )

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One of the coolest things about playing all the time in LA is that you meet all kinds of amazing people.

In one night I happened to be playing in Studio City at the Bistro Gardens.

I met Grizzly Adams… aka Dan Haggerty. It really was a treat he is quite a cool dude.

He wanted to hear a song called “Nature Boy” which Nat King Cole had a number one hit with in the 40s.

He told me about the writer of  “Nature Boy” and what a great soul he was. That’s sort of amazing because I love that tune and I’ve often wondered what kind of person can write “Nature Boy”. According to Dan, he never made a dime for it.

Ok here’s a wierd one…Rob Mackenzie, who happened to play guitar for Sha Na Na for 12 years and is a jazz guitarist… just happend to sit next the piano on Christmas Eve and at the end the night of enjoying each other’s company he finally said you know there is a song that I’d love to hear “Nature Boy”. Then he told me that eden Ahbez, the writer, actually lived in his house for 10 years.

Wild times.

It was amazing to meet two people who were both really cool. in the same week telling me about the guy who wrote “Nature Boy”…someone I would have loved to have met.

Ever had that happen? Something similiar?


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