Marc is Streaming On Youtube, Twitch and Facebook

Marc is Steaming On Youtube, Twitch, and Facebook!

Here’s a new week to create into. And So Marc is Steaming On Youtube, Twitch, and Facebook!

I hope you’re doing amazing. And staying creative and inspired in these wild times. 

Hit me back by the way give me an update. 

There are a lot of reasons I’ve come up with to lay down and freak out or just worry.

But, I’m just keeping as much forward-looking as I can and then creating. 

I’ve been doing a lot of live streams. ( almost every day 5:30-7:30pm ) I may be changing it up. 

I’ve been going live on Twitch
And On youtube if you go to my Youtube link Https://
And at Facebook

I may be switching things around a bit to try to be more service on each one. I gets a little dispersing trying to stream to all channels and keep up with the feeds. 

I’m sure I’ll be streaming but maybe 3 days Twitch and 3 days Facebook, we’ll see. 

In the meantime, I released a new song on Spority! : ) 

It’s called Everyone! : )

I wrote it 10 years ago and a friend sent me a copy we had recorded I liked it and decided to do a new version of it. Here it is! : ) 

There are 2 new songs coming out very shortly. Like any day….be on the listen-out. : ) 

And then there are 100s…in the pipeline. ..

If you want to hear my Neil Young After The Gold Rush SOLO PIANO CD…it’s on Spotify

I have solo piano improve there too and other tracks..

And if you don’t have Spotify this track is on iTunes and Amazon and Deezer and and and everywhere. 

Support Musicians
You can support me if you’d like. 

Get a CD, I’ll sign it and send it straight to you.

Let me know if there is any other way I can help make your life more amazing! : ) 

And if you have any ideas that could help me spread the word I’m always interested. 

Thanks for being there!

Let’s make this world really beautiful! : ) 


P.S. Here are 3 ways you can get more involved!  

  1. Stream some tunes on Spotify!
  2. Come to a stream
  3. Subscribe to my YouTube channel!   
  4. Take advantage of the CD Sale… : ) 

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