Perfect Piano Bass and Drums Trio Gig!!

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Wow! Fourth of July was awesome! I played with my Trio! Which includes Marty Buttwinick on Bass and Doron Eskanazi on Drums!

The gig was from 3 to 9 pm and honestly it went by so fast.

I love playing with Marty and Doron. Since they have both played with me quite a bit they know me and know how I roll. I can just be very spontaneous and will do whatever I have to do to create rapport with the venue and the people there.


I can be  very off the wall about it. I often forget that the band doesn’t know every song ever written and that I don’t know them. I will try about any song that I’ve heard and the band can stay right with me.


One awesome thing is that and … I love to mix it up and play unexpected awesome songs.

And Henry Jagloms parties are amazing because the crowd is really a bunch of amazingly creative and eclectic people so….we can pretty much do about anything and be as creative about it.

So, we played the gamut going from Michael Franks to Frank Sinatra then  Beatles and Radiohead Some Traffic and  Elton John and then Gershwin, Train and…. WOW! A Blast!

Fun, Highly Creative and the product was that everyone loved what we were doing and of course since we are there to entertain… we loved doing what we were doing and so…it definitely WAS the Best trio gig of the year!! : )



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