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Marc Bosserman Original Music Here

Marc Bosserman Original Music Here is almost scary to write! But, here goes!

I started playing the piano when I was about 6 or 7.

The memory of sitting down to a piano and not really know much about it at all except there was one in the living room is very clear.

I was listening to some music and I found some notes on the piano that contributed something beautiful to the song that was playing and I thought…I’m going to make music on the radio and reach the world.

And I started to write little pieces that I would play in Church for people on special occassions.

And I basically never stopped creating towards that goal.

Having to pay the rent and feed kids and stuff like that eventually led me to playing in bars and restaurants which led to weddings and private parties and Country Clubs and playing at any oppertunity that I could get paid to play.

And factually I’ve been very lucky to have been able to make a living playing the piano .

And I’ve continued to write songs on and off. Although I haven’t been able to really make much of a lively hood.

But, recently I ran into a guy who’s had some luck helping people to reach new potential fans of their music and how to offer it to them in a way that could create a sustainable living as an artist.

I’m excited.

I’m studying the whole system out and I’m going to take a crack at reaching the billions of Earth with some beauty. And maybe help make it better. : )

In the meantime, here’s where you can find some of my earlier songs if you’re interested.

Marc Bosserman Original Music- The Tracks

My first CD is called Mostly Live. That’s because I recorded it in two sittings…Mostly Live and had it put out

as an offering to fans who came to the live shows I was playing solo and with my band at the time.

The songs were all just captured and produced. This is available all over the internet but can be bought at the above link and would only encourage me to produce more music if you did.

There were a whole bunch of songs that I produced in my Studio over the next several years as I have been learning how really challenging it is to create music professionally. I took a bunch of my favorites and put together a CD called Rough Around the Edges

If you click through you can see the art work etc…: )

A few years later I took my best songs since then….

And most recent here is this…

And the best is yet to come. As I pursue the dream I will be having more time to work on writing and producing more music.

I’ll add it here! Stay tuned.

If you are interested in getting sent tracks as they come out and videos etc…and following the journey, text “Marc” to 345345. And I’ll starting sending you music! : )

There are sign up boxes on this site too.

Thanks for dropping by.

Marc Bosserman Original Music and He Plays All Kinds of Events

Want the lowdown on how to book me…it’s easy, Even if all you want to do is just inquire.

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And I’m forever looking for new venues, new people to entertain. New songs that people might love!

Come and hear me live at Red most Fridays, or The Parkway Grill on Thursdays.

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Listen on Spotify or Itunes! Or, anywhere you stream. Just do a search for Marc Bosserman.

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