Marc Bosserman is having a good week!

Yesterday I played the coolest wedding. gig set up wedding july So I walk into the Church and they have this full band set up with state of the art Drum room and piano and keyboard wow!

Really nice. I did Bach and “Somewhere in Time” and Steven Curtis Chapman and Mendellson and it was really beautiful.Eight bride’s maids! And a scores of Marines in full dress.


I’ve been playing the Varnish every tues night.

It’s this sort of secret, out of the way cool space. ( Gig’s Schedule here) Really like the vibe. Takes me back to the speak- easy days of yore! Door to the VarnishActually if you look at the photo which is taken from Cole’s which is this 100 year old deli downtown on 6th street. The door is the one ont he right and all it has is this tiny sign that tells you that you are in the Varnish!

Inside it totally a speak easy and I’m playing all music from the 50s back. Lot’s of standards.

I also played the Parkway on Monday and Vitello’s had a good time in both Venues.  I met my next door neighbor at Vitello’s whom I’ve never met. Hello America, Los Angeles or where ever that is just wierd that I had to go to Studio City and play to meet my next door neighbor. Well it turns out that he is a singer Songwriter as well and we had a great time. He’s got a studio in his house too. Small world! : )

Ready for gigs! : )By the way I spend so much time on Facebook these days  I though I’d use a status as a title of this post.

I’m doing great. I’ve just about got the Song done that I’ve been doing with Marty.

You can hear it here.

If you missed the post about the musical scroll down. There’s a rough draft of the set desgn for Emerald Man. Looks cool.  Don’t want to scroll down? Click here! : )

Playing the Sawdust Festival today. Really looking forward to it!

Hope you’re having a fabulous week.

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Let me know if I can be any service to you! : )

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