Los Angles Pianist Vocalist Basic Primer! : )

Basically I am a pianist and vocalist and I also do music production and teach  music and music production including piano and some vocals.

Piano and Vocals! And or just piano. 

I do a variety of different music as a pianist vocalist. I have a wide variety from Standards/American Songbook to current Adele, John Mayer, Bruno Mars, John Legend etc..

And in Between: Billy Joel, Beatles, Elton John, Radiohead, Maroon 5 etc..

I can play the piano solo on almost any song I would also be able to sing and play on the piano. 

Here’s some piano! : )

I play up to 15 times a week or more. Restaurants, Bars, Fundraisers, Events, Weddings, Parties, Naming Ceremonies, Funerals…you name it!

I also produce music for TV, Film, Singers Songwriters, Media like commercials etc…These are often called cues. 

And I have some amazing students and 

I write songs in a variety of styles.

Here’s a jazzier one!

Here’s a very simple piano vocal demo I did for an talented songwriter. 

My basic concept is to make amazing music for cool people. The current climate for music is so exciting. I have been able to create music for TV, Film, and Commercials, co-write an off off Broadway Musical, Teach music and music production. 

I also produce music for Singer and Songwriters. Including Full CDs etc.. 

Making music is an exciting way to interact with people and make a living!

Let me know if you have any wild ideas that could make the world more amazing!

I’m interested! : )


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