Los Angeles Pianist/Vocalist No Work-All Play, Play,Play!

Living the Dream

Sometimes I pinch myself!

When I was just a budding pianist I just loved to play the piano. Even the

Practicing and practicing and learning learning learning was fun.

Not necessarily what the current teacher or my mom wanted me to play but

just playing, playing, playing!

I just wanted to get really amazing at playing the piano.

Like my piano heros: Erroll Garner, Rich Wakeman, Chick Corea, Keith Emerson, Elton John…

I was always thinking how fun it would be to be able to play-and well!

Well, to this day I’m getting better…every time I play I get better.

And I play as much as possible!

My goal has always been to play incredibly beautifully and inspiring-ly.

And that involves getting really familiar with the piano and that means playing!!!

At some amazing point a few years ago I realized, “WOW,I really am doing this!”

And people pay me to do it. I make the world more beautiful and make a living doing it!

(I think anyone can do it by the way…but that is another blog post!)

The Parkway Grill

This week I played at The Parkway Grill on Monday and Saturday!

The Parkway Grill is beautiful. It oozes old school atmosphere! Elegance, sophistication,
Art..This Pasadena Old Town charm.

The food is amazing. Some of the best in Los Angeles!

The Parkway Grill
The Parkway Grill

The piano is a Yamaha Grand. I love that the piano is in the bar area where the table’s are

open seating. The music style I go for is to create the perfect ambient vibe but hip and “live” enough

to create a very cool musical experience for people to just sit in the piano area for a bit more of

the “liveness” of it! Or to come hang out after diner and enjoy it.

It can go from Standards-Sinatra to Classics-Pink Floyd and then Modern-Adele in a 40 min set.

I love it.

I’ve played there every Monday for about 10 years. And I sub for other players when they need help and

I’m not otherwise booked. This past Saturday I played and some of my dearest friends came in

for their Birthdays/Anniversary. They sat very near the piano.

Lots of people I haven’t seen in a while on a Monday but they were there on the busy Saturday!


It’s always a treat.

Larsen’s Steakhouse Valencia

Sundays I’m booked at Larsen’s Steakhouse in Valencia. A fantastic venue.

The piano is in the bar area and it’s separate from the main restaurant and

people in there expect to hear music.

Larsen's Valencia Marc

And part of the reason they are sitting there is the music so it’s a bit more than

just creating atmosphere it’s fun to engage the audience and play favorites and requests.

It’s also open to singing so I can just sing anything and everything and tastes are as various as people.

And making them all smoke is a good challenge. And I don’t know, I just love the clientele

and the employees there. I always look forward to Larsen’s.

The Future

And..this week….Here comes 8 gigs in 8 Venues and I can’t wait.

Each is it’s own baby-I look forward to creating the perfect music for!

And it’s going to be playing playing and playing!

Let me know if I can help you make your world more beautiful.

Come and let me play for you! : )

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Larsen's 245x245

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