Los Angeles Pianist/Vocalist and Session Vocals!

I recently had a super fun gig. I got hired to do some vocals for pop songs with alternate lyrics that had been written for an awards show!

The producers took pop songs and rewrote the lyrics to honor the awardees for some huge event in Boston!

It was a blast to sing for it!

What was fun was getting to do vocals for a variety of different styles and eras. it included songs by Credence Clearwater Revival, Eric Clapton, Will.i.am, Tony Orlando, Bruce Springsteen, Europe( an 80s band) and more…wow!

You never realize how unique each artist is until you start to do a sound-a-like re-write of their material!!

I got to sing like all these different people and all their unique styles. It was super fun. I learned a lot about my voice. In using my voice to create their voice and in figuring out how i could be them for a minute I got ideas of how I could use my voice creatively.  And now I’m adding a whole Tony Orlando section to my shows…Just kidding!! :  )

But it was very fun to do and now there are more cool things I can try with my voice when I perform.

And as a super bonus  I got to work with the Amazing Wayne Peet and Ronnie James.

Wayne Peet, Ronnie James, Me
Wayne Peet, Ronnie James, Me

Los Angeles is such an amazing place to live and create in!

And new, cool, and highly creative ways to use music to make the world more awesome!

Earlier today…I almost got hired  to be Roy Rodgers…what!? But that’s another story!

Let me know if I can help you make it more magical!


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