Los Angeles Pianist, Vocalist, Wedding, Beach, Duo Etc…

It’s a tough life! : )

Have Battery Ready for a Piano on the Beach Wedding!
Have Battery Ready for a Piano on the Beach Wedding!

Actually I have been wanting to do a post about some of the awesome unique recent performances.

I love new playing situations.

Recently I was inspired to find a way to play piano and be able to sing on the beach with no generator and no outlet.
They wanted music on the beach and the bride wanted to sing her vows to the groom. Amazing! : )

And with help, I got a rig that works and can set up for a wedding on the Beach with a piano and speaker and

no outlet needed. I have a UPS and I can play and sing for probably close to 2 hours(maybe more)…anywhere!

Got Indian Vibe Cool Music?

Last week I got a call to see if I could make Indian music for a private event. I called one on the best Tabla Players in

LA and we did a duo of Tabla and awesome percussion and Piano and Vocals and we had Beatles and Justin Bieber and all kinds of tunes sounding very Indian and hip–perfect!

Piano Tablas

Need Something Unique?

In to particular order…I’ve put together bands/ensembles of many and various combinations for specific events!

Bag Pipes added to a combo with string parts for a wedding with an Epic “Braveheart” vibe!

And Piano Bass and Sax…for hip jazz swing cool.

Piano/Vocals and drums!

Piano/Vocals and Upright Bass!

Piano Sax and Drums became…

See earlier post…The Irish Whisperers played on St Patrick’s Day…Irish Jigs, Reels, basic Irish songs!

I’m currently rehearsing for a huge fundraiser with a full on 3 horns, 3 singers up front, 2 drummers…band now playing dance music!

I set up on Santa Monica Beach and played solo piano and sang romantic music for a proposal! (Awesome!)

I love all kinds of music–Jazz, Pop, Classic Rock, Rock and Roll, Contemporary, Indian, Latin, Sinatra, Buble etc…Music is amazing!

Let me know if you have some crazy idea you think would be cool. I’d love to bring it to life with you.

I love my job!

There are always new ways to to make life more beautiful!

Cheers! : )

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