Los Angeles Pianist Vocalist Big Plans! : )

I won’t lie. I love playing amazing music live for cool people and creating memorable moments!

Last week..I had 10 gigs and had a blast…including recording local wonderful jazz singer Lisa Casalino

who is being featured on the upcoming Sylvan De La Cruz Jazz EP…stay tuned!!

I also got to work on an EDM release for an International Electonic Media Company!

And working with Paul Collins a local singer songwriter on some amazing new songs!

And my weekly gigs at The Parkway Grill Mondays, Red Restaurant in La Puente-Tuesday, where it’s been warm enough

to play outside…and Larsen’s in Valencias on Sundays…

And searching out and contacting a whole bunch of new cool venues! I got some greast ideas this week from people who heard me


Big plans…new website coming up! Can’t wait!

I’ve been recording about 50 hours of music from gigs from this year. I want to get the gems for release of a live CD!

More info here or…


Opening lots more venues. I’m always interested in places to play if you know of one that could be good.

Let me know.

I’m creating new original music. The main place to find out about it is at the Marc Bosserman Music Facebook Page!


I’ll be posting to both of those sites. You can also send me your email and I can add you to my mail list! : )

Let me know if I can help you with anything! : )

Have a over the top great week!


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