Los Angeles Piano Player Taking Over the World! : )

Good thing it’s Pianos, people!

This means way way more beauty in the world!!

There is a bonafide Piano Renaissance in Los Angeles and soon…the world!

Last week….It was pianos every day and all week and awesomeness on every hand!

Super lots of writing and production and wow fun!!

(should be posting some new songs soon…stay tuned!)

Ready for almost any Musical Whatever!! : )

DaNG! : )

I’m playing somewhere really cool almost every day and…I’m creating all kinds of new playing

opportunities–Stay tuned for those too! : )

NOTE: if you should need piano for any event, wedding, party or whatever hit me up!

I would love to play for you! I am a maniac with perfect scheduling!

Did I mention I’m available for Parties, Weddings, Events…Pot Pourri!

This week:


Parkway Grill-Tonight 6-10pm (and..what?!…Saturday)

Tues-Weds-Thurs Hilton Universal Lobby Bar 7-10p

Saturday-Parkway Grill- 7-11p — Yes Saturday!

Sunday Church 10-11am!

Gig Schedule Here!

And I’m thinking I can add 3 or 4 more gigs in here! So let me know if you need or know of anything!

And in the meantime…Check out my songs on Bandcamp! Cool site alert!


If we’re not hooked up on facebook…


Thanks for being there and being amazing!


Download Free Songs! ๐Ÿ™‚ http://www.marcbossermanmusic.com

Have a Super Blast! Always! Why not!

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