Los Angeles Pianist Super Review!!

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5 Stars Pianist
5 Stars Pianist

If you’ve been in LA for any time at all you notice the vast divide between the din of  placid background noise and GOOD music and/or entertainment. Nevermind the decreasing talent pool in what used to be a city overflowing with talented musicians.

Hallelujah and Huzzah for Marc Bosserman for being a ridiculously talented, incredibly, entertaining, soulful and engaging pianist and musician.

I’ve seen Marc countless times over the last 3 or 4 years at intimate venues all over LA, allowing a varying degree of musician/audience interactivity. Bottom line: whatever the venue, Marc delivers and you leave with a smile on your face and a song in your heart.

See Marc Bosserman at the Left Coast Wine Bar & Gallery and it’s like you’re at a friend’s house, sitting around the piano, calling out requests which he pulls out of his ear like a magician with a bottomless hat (FactCheck – (99.99999% he nails – 100% if YOU know the lyrics). When some of the local musicians show up its like one of those piano galleries at Huston & A in Greenwich Village where everybody can sing harmony with each other.

See Marc at the The Hilton Universal-Lobby Bar and you are transported back to a time when class lounge & nightclub acts where how musicians intermingled with The Biz. Add in the industry talent that rolls through that joint and it’s the “Marc Bosserman & Friends” Celebrity Revue.

Did Mention that Marc Bosserman rocks the hell outta the black & white keys?

See Marc at The Varnish (e.g. the speak easy lounge at Cole’s downtown) and you are transported back to a prohibition era experience whose vibe is golden juke joint with Marc Bosserman hammering out the American Song Book and Tin Pan Alley classic.

(Note: I’m not playing at The Varnish currently but I have been known to play at The Gallery Bar at The Biltmore Millenium more  frequently these days. You can check the gig page here for gig details-Marc)

OK OK OK enough about the venues (and you need to follow his newsletter to keep up). Let’s talk about Marc as an artist.

Hmmmm how to describe Marc?

It’s as if some Vulcan mad scientist he mind melded the musical virtuosity of Harry Conick, Jr & Nat King Cole, the whimsy and David Frishberg and Bob Dorough (of Schoolhouse Rock fame), the delivery  and bluesy ya ya ya’s of Mose Allison and the sensitivity of Cole Porter.

OK ya really just gotta seem him – you’ll get it when you see him trust me.

If you haven’t seen Marc ‘do his thang’ you are missing out on one of a hidden gem and sparkling reflections in the Los Angeles talent pool.

1.) Get out and support live music
2.) Go See Marc Bosserman NOW!

Jazz Pianist and Vocalist, Los Angeles, Marc Bosserman
Jazz Pianist and Vocalist, Los Angeles, Marc Bosserman


Whooo Hoooo!



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