Los Angeles Pianist Plays Beautiful Mariner’s Chapel Wedding! : )

I love this venue!!

…and what a beautiful venue it is. I loved playing for the wedding. I mean….It said Mariner’s Chapel….I had this idea of this little wedding chapel  …


But this is a beautiful structure! Glorious is an appropriate adjective  in fact. : )


I have to say the Yamaha Baby Grand was quite a pleasure and Jonathan the tech that was there was fantastic to work with and


had dialed in this great mix where there was a little bit of piano and a little bit of reverb in the monitor so that when I played this


instrument it was like being in a sweet piano music cloud!!


Ok, gush, gush. The music selection was also classic and perfect. Bach, Mendelssohn, Wagner, Pachelbel and…Somewhere over the Rainbow…..: )


I loved it . Hope to play there again very soon. Here are some other shots I took. : )

This is a Pianist eye view. : )


Art Shot!







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