Los Angeles Pianist Playing All Over Los Angeles Area!

This past week…wow Mr Los Angeles Pianist had gigs in…

Pasadena on Monday
San Diego on Tues and Thurs
Monrovia on Friday
Newbury Park-Saturday
Chatsworth on Sunday
West Side…Sunday!
Studio City for lessons and Production all week!

Super fun week!

Trio At Monrovia

Fancy Restaurants, Private Parties, Trendy Cool Restaurants, Beautiful Studio, Church! : )

Laid Back Solo Piano beautiful elegant atmospheric. Piano Bar-Diner Adult Contemporary Vibe,
Jazz and Variety Play Anything Trio, Hymns, Billy Joel and Classics Sing Along, Pianist Panel!

Lot’s of different needs lots of different cool playing situations.

I won’t lie I love my ‘job”!!

If I can help you with anything let me know! : )

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