Los Angeles Pianist Now Cooler Than Ever! : )

One cool thing…….Like wine or violins…it’s one of those things

where sometimes age and experience…just adds more “nice” to the mix.

Repertoire is something constantly getting wpid-20130615_145650.jpgworked out and in many directions…

Season’s 52 where I’m playing piano and singing (often once a week or more) has a very contemporary vibe…Even top 100 right-now tunes…

So, I’ve been adding Bruno Mars, Adele, Rhianna, Christina Perri (ok this was for a wedding on the beach), Alicia Keys and want to add even Phillip Phillips and

more One Repubic into the mix…. Yaaaay! ( not to mention Radiohead and John Mayer, right?)

And then at the same time recently when I was banging on the Kawai Grand Piano at The Hilton Universal in the Lobby Bar….A gal asked me to play

“House of the Rising Sun”…Man that was awesome!!


Also come on Bob Dylan…earlier this week a patron at (shhhhhh-Season’s 52)

was loving the Bob Dylan….and then….a Left Coast Wine Bar request of Whiter Shade of Pale….

I’ve got these cool apps on my ipad that when I find the chords to a classic or current tune I can save them to my hot list….

Like one of these days…I AM going to learn Billy Joel- Summer Highland Falls…..

And it’s a continuous love affair for me with great songs of whatever age. ( a great song will always be a great song)


And the result is just ┬ámore “cool” in my “play list” as I go from gig to gig! : ))

Not to mention the fact that either people are just generally nicer- and more forthcoming with amazing compliments today than they

were 10 years ago or my playing and vocal skill must be benefiting from all the working out they are getting…: ))


And so goes the life of a super-mega art loving mega gigging Los Angeles, Pianist!

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