Los Angeles Pianist Meets New York Pianist! : )

I had the great honor of meeting Jimmy  Roberts in The Varnish a few weeks ago. I was just jamming

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out playing some a wild  rendition of  George Gershwin’s “I Got Rhythm”-and a very upbeat group of people  came in. One of them kept asking for George Gershwin and he knew all the words. Not only the usual Verse /Chorus but also the cool intros.

Turns out it was “Jimmy Roberts”.

And this guy kept telling me how much he liked my George Gershwin renditions.

And Jimmy Roberts, when I checked him out on Google when I got home…is none other than the Composer for “I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change”- This musical is the longest running off Broadway musical in history,yo! : )

Anyway, good people, Jimmy Roberts. He also is quite an entertainer noted for putting together shows using Gershwin tunes. Cool!

This was quite a treat.

I play at the Varnish on Tues nights from 830 to 12:30 and you never know who might drop in. : )



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