Los Angeles Pianist: Life More Beautiful!

That’s why I do what I do!

I love playing piano when people sing along!

People Singing with me Rocks!
People Singing with me Rocks!

There’s something really amazing about that.

Or when the beautiful bride is walking down the isle to marry her love and she’s radiant and life is perfect.

And I love making music to make the fund raising fun! : )

Or getting a youngster to come and sing their favorite song for everyone and finding out they can really sing!


Recently I made someone’s day by playing their brothers favorite song!

Music soothes.

One time I ended up playing an extra hour because someone had just lost someone they loved very much!

Music is amazing.

A bad day suddenly became a good day because of a song.

It could also make exciting more exciting.

It can make the dramatic even more so.

It can understand!

It makes life more beautiful! 

My job is awesome!

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