Los Angeles Pianist Jams with….Courtney Love! What?!

SO…Only in Los Angeles…I get a gig request at around Midnight on Thurs for a pianist who can do 20s music-which I love- on Friday!!

I agree to be there at 10pm! Cool! Hollywood!

I go to this incredible house is Hollywood and get there by 10p! (cool)

I am hanging out waiting for a que to start playing. I finally do get a cue to play and play some amazing songs with and for some amazing singers! And the beautiful birthday girl who loves to sing standards!! Super fun. I love these people!

One girl wants to do a song on guitar. She does and it’s a really cool song I really like it! The host says…Play some piano with her!

I sit down and start playing along! Very beautiful song. Dylanesques!

Passionate. I like the song. I like the singer. She’s good. We finish this song!

I’m having a great time hanging out with Los Angeles’s finest. I mean I recall that there are more people making a living as an artist in Los Angeles than at any other time of in any other city in the history of Western Civilization and I think this party is a testament to just that fact the real deals all over the place!

Film composers, actors, documentaryians…directors, Songwriters…truely amazing!

I spot the singer hanging out and and walk up to her…thinking…I loved that song. I tell her. Are you a songwriter? Yes she says!

Wow do you have a card. Here’s mine…

I usually just tell people my name and that does is she says…I say cool what’s your name?

Courtney….Courtney Love! What?! Awesome!

Courtney Love, People! : )

Yep I just jammed with none other than Courtney Love! And it was awesome! : )

I love the host…amazing! I love Courtney Love!

I love my life. I love Los Angeles. I love playing music for cool people!

Super can’t wait til the next party!! : )

Los Angeles Pianist-Marc Bosserman

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