Los Angeles Pianist for Proposals-Whoa!

Talk about romantic!!

Thank-you, Saint Valentine and all the crazy awesome creatives of the world!

I played for a most romantic diner on the beach on Saturday…
(Look Ma-Battery powered piano and speaker)
What!? : )

Once I figured out how I could get a keyboard rig to be able to do it…awesome!!

With an amazing wedding planner doing the set up for the diner-arranging the parking,
being super cool…

And the beautiful universe providing a most spectacular sunset…

This happened….

: )

And then on Thursday…a proposal at the Hilton in the Lobby Bar where I played was…so incredible.

My friend planned out the whole thing…a book, champagne, perfect songs…

Perfect waiter…coordinated it beyond belief but…how freaking beautiful.

I was super honored to be a part of it.

Super special moments!

Being able to create music for this sort of thing is why I’m a musician.

It’s what art is for. Making life Magic!

Can’t wait for the next one! : )

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