Los Angeles Pianist for…90th Amazing Birthday Party!

I had a super fun gig this past week!

I got to play piano music and vocals for a beautiful 90th Birthday Party!

The Birthday girl was a very bright and lovely 90 year old!

90 amazing!!


Quite an affair! Quite an accomplishment!

For me quite a privileged!

I was contacted on the internet!

They didn’t have a piano so I brought mine and my Bose Compact Amazing sound
system for the piano and vocals.

Piano Vocals and small Sound system!

I set it up in the living room and played for the reception/beginning part of the
party while everyone caught up!

For the diner…Jeff, the son of the guest of honor, had a cool set up in his home where
he was able to send the sound from my speaker directly to his stereo system
and so I could play for part of the evening in the living room and
the guests who were outside could enjoy my music coming through the sound

It must have sounded great because so many people commented on it!

My favorite part was after diner keeping everyone there a bit past their
bedtimes singing favorites!

One awesome woman there Jan, was a professional singer and we had a blast

And every one just sang along to all kinds of songs! Lots of 40s and 50s songs
but even into Sinatra and Some Beatles too!

Such a fun time.

There is something so beautiful about people singing! And the joy of it!

I hope to play for her next 20 Birthdays!! : ))

If you have an event coming up hit me up and we can figure out the perfect
music for it!


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