Los Angeles Pianist Extrodinaire- and… Marilyn Manson!! : )

Another “only in Los Angeles”–  Los Angles Super Pianist and Vocalist anecdote….

A very nice couple  came and sat right next to the piano where I was playing one night. A third gentleman there who I later discovered was an art dealer and the couple chatted as I played along. On my next break I found that they were buying a quite unique and intense water color painting. The painter came and hung out with them as well a little later. Did I even recognize– Marilyn Manson? No! : ) Was I a retard and went and asked if I was too loud? Yes! :  /

Mr Manson

In retrospect it’s hard to imagine that it was could have been  too loud at all!

Who even knew that Mr Manson did  some pretty awesome water color painting!!?

I love being a pianist in Los Angeles! :  )

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