Los Angeles Pianist, Country Clubs, Bass Players, You Tube, WOW!

Exciting times!
Gigging all over. Last week…8 awesome gigs. Including

Braemar Country Club! : )
Braemar Country Club! : ) and….

Recording Session with Wayne and Robin–producing youtube videos–Super Cool Students–New Venues–Playing with a Surprise and Awesome bass player Gary Raymond  at Deliteful Meals…and Whoo Hooo!

Going like mad musician speed!

This week one of my sister, niece and her family are in town. And… coming to Deliteful…Cross fingers!!!

Here are the Gigs…They are certainly shaping up:

Mon- 5 Sept – The awesome Parkway Grill-Solo Piano- 6-10pm
Tues-5 Sept – Red Restaurant and Bar-piano/vocals-6:30-9:30pm
Weds  7 Sept  – YOUR Incredibly EXCITING EVENT HERE…
Thurs- 8 Sept –        …or HERE
Friday9 Sept – Deliteful Meals 5:30-9:30pm (My Sister Beth’s Birthday Dinner)
Saturday10 Sept – Deliteful Meals 5:30-9:30pm
Sunday11 Sept – Larsen’s Steakhouse Valencia 5-30-9pm

Details…Here http://www.marcbosserman.com/gigs

You just never know who could pop in…Last Saturday Mad TV Music Producer guy Gary Raymond dropped in to Deliteful Meals with his bass and we played all night to the enthusiastic crowd there!

I’m excited about rehearsing on Sunday for the huge fundraiser coming on the 18th WHOA! (with the 15 piece band!!!)
Production YES!
FUN?…… YES! All Week!

I’m particularly excited about my Youtube channel.

I’ve posted 5 new vids there recently or more…I’d love for you to hear them.

The channel is there to put my performances. I want to capture amazing renditions of songs and post them for you. Check it out.

Youtube Primer:
Things that you can do to participate and that incidentally will help me tons:

1. Please Subscribe to my channel! There’s a little button there you can hit to subscribe.
2. If you Like my videos Hit the LIKE button.
3. make comments on Youtube.

As comments you could say if you liked my  versions and also what songs you would like to
hear me post.
Or anything you feel like saying!

I plan on doing lots more videos.

Anyway hope you’re having an amazing time.

Let me know if I can help you with anything!

Have an amazing week!



PS Here’s my latest video..watch

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