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Yes it’s true that I play 350+ gigs a year. I create incredibly amazing piano and vocal music for weddings, parties, Resorts, fine venues…etc…I love my job. It’s a dream job. I get paid to do something that I love!

And I pinch my self daily!

But did you know…I score music for Film, TV, and Corporate Media.

A few years ago I also scored a short film called “Invisible” for my very good friends Lincoln and Chrystina Meyers of Stormhaven Productions!

I did the whole score at home using my computer and some very cool programs.

Chrystina was good enough to enter my music in to an almost one and only Film Score Festival held in Utah. Where The Sundance Fim Festival is held.

Here’s the Trailer of the Film-Invisible.

I was very happy to win a Gold Medal of Excellence for my work on the excellent soundtrack that Lincoln and I had spent about 100 hours a minute to make really smoke.

A few years later I was chatting with Doug Deep a sound editor/TV music composer I had just met at a party. I was telling him how grueling and fun it had been. And cool…to get the award…Doug surprised me and said…”You should write some music for the TV show I’m writing for.”

I did!!

I ended up writing about 40 “cues”. (Cue: a short piece of music for TV or Film that has a mood.) They ended up using a dozen of them and the rest is history.

Since them I’ve created music for a web commercial for a very good friends local restaurant…done video music for other commercials and the like. And have music in several libraries that are used on TV shows like…The Kardasians, and Housewives of the Patomac etc..

Recently I created some music for a Trailer for an upcoming Documentary with plans to score the whole Documentary.

I love this field. It’s super fun to create music that makes the sequences come alive. There are so many tools for the composer working on a computer now that it’s a lot of fun. One can create almost any kind of music imaginable.

I remember reading an article of Film Composer Mark Isham talking about how cool film is…you can write all kinds of music that you would never write for ordinarily. If you needed a polka…write one. Or maybe you need Nine Inch Nails Industrial Rock…ok…Write it.

Or Hip Hop? write it. It’s a lot of and a huge challenge to make it work.

I’m looking forward to creating more.

I also have done produced Jazz music, Classical, and Folk, Pop etc.. in my studio for my self and others.

Let me know if you need anything like that. Or if you know anyone who does…feel free to send them my way!


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