Los Angeles Pianist-And Super Cool Awesome (Dope!!) Studio Dude!! : )

I’m in Love. I just got a Neumann mic and of all the different things I’ve done to improve my studio over the past 10 years I think it’s the best one of them ever!

This is she! The wonderous one!!

I’ve always heard great things about Neumann Mics but now I see, I hear, I know for my self. They are truly remarkable.

So this doesn’t mean that I’m not going to be continuing to jam out as one of  the most workingest pianists in Los Angeles my  7-11 Gigs every week…

But it means that time time I’m spending in my studio..working on my own awesome songs ,or… music for demos for the various 25 or so songwriters I work for, or…

TV or Film or whatever some wildly random

person might want and need produced in my cool studio….I’ will be having 10 times more fun and getting a way better overall product!! Yaaaay!!

Neumann, I love you! : )



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