Los Angeles Pianist: Amazing and Available For Cool People!

In the last several weeks…I’ve had the pleasure to play for…

A post Wedding reception at a most beautiful Pasadena area. Absolutely divinely artistic.

Then I’ve played solo piano music for the Parkway Grill…In case you don’t know the fabulous Parkway Grill…It’s won so many awards…It’s considered one of the top 40 restaurants in the Los Angeles area. pg_awards

Um…The piano music is stunningly good! : )

I’ve also been playing my usual duties at The Hilton Universal on Tues Weds and Thurs 7-10 (I been here for going on 2 years now). This Hilton is a 4 Diamond AAA Hotel! I play all kinds of music new and old usually in the Lobby Bar!

And then one of my surprisingly favorite gigs has been at the Redlands famous Citrus Plaza where I’ve been a regular performer for the past 4 years. I love playing in front of the fountian with all the families hanging out drinking Starbucks or enjoying some of the food from one of the many choices in the area.

Citrus Plaza
The beautiful Citrus Plaza! : )

And then…I’ve have the priviledge of working with some of the finest singers and songwriters in the area.

I do a lot of demos and tracks for amazing singers.

And several student of Recording, piano, voice..music-ART!

And I’m writing up a storm these days.

And upcoming week…I’m looking forward to ringing in Summer with a Thursday Day July 4th celebration at a local industry spot and a backyard July 4th bash in Camirillo! This with a rollicking quartet!

All in addition to my regular haunts.

Summer is here and music can only make it better.

Come track me down and hang out and request your favorite!

My gig page is… http://www.marcbosserman.com/gigs

Here’s to it being super beautiful!

Beauty! : )

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