Los Angeles Pianist 4 Parties! Strikes Again! : )

Los Angeles Pianist 4 parties at your service!

Playing piano and singing your butt off anywhere is sure to be fun…but playing at Parties┬ácan be the funnest!

Not sure about that grammar but, am sure about the Parties.

And I’m sure that playing exactly the right music to create the perfect vibe for the evening is what’s on my mind.

Last week…I played a private party at the former residence of Peter Lorre. ( a famous actor in horror movies in the 50s and 60s) And cool second thing…it was very near the Hemingway House…what? Cool! Didn’t even know The Hemingway House existed and…there it was…Not even sure what it is but I know that is just cool.

But then…the house was so super nice. Hardwood floors, big ceilings, stucco walls with all kinds of irregular cool accents….great acoustics. Great piano…what the hell the one and the same piano that apparently one of “The Association” wrote “Cherish” on…and yes, I played my rendition of “Cherish”! Niiice. I had this feeling like that piano had been wanting to play “Cherish” for years.

Hollywood vibe, artistic, old school, and comfortable.

And did I mention the cool people there? Very cool people. Apparently a lot of clout at that intimate party. I certainly felt appreciated and loved. There is something to say for playing music for a room full of artists!!

Super well received. ┬áMet some great musicians. One guy who tours with Yanni…amazing! The super cool guy who hired me told and an amazing tale of his gig playing Guitar with Chuck Berry at Busch Gardens back before he moved to CA and became a movie Director!

Great story!

Los Angeles Pianist 4 Parties

And it was a super surprise birthday party for a very lovely and surprised wife! Yaaay!

Super fun night–over too fast!
Can’t wait for the next phone call! The next chance to make music and make amazing more amazing!

Hire Los Angeles Pianist 4 Parties!

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