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This is holiday season and I’m playing a lot! I’ve been working on a bio for a website I’m on to promote my pianist singer skills. I thought I’d post the Bio Here…just for fun….here goes.


One of my favorite views! : )
One of my favorite views! : )

I’ve lived and been a part of the vibrant music scene in Los Angles for more than 30 years now.

It’s pretty awesome to play the piano and sing and make amazing music  for cool people for a living. It’s what I always wanted to do.

The fist time I played a piano when I was 7 or 8and that’s when  I decided that that’s what I wanted to do in my life. Many of my heros in life have been pianists and musicians. Vince Guraldi is one…Erroll Garner is another. The first pop rock  song I ever really remembering to play was Elton John’s -Levon–it’s still one of my favorites.

I went professional when I was 14 or 15 I started playing for functions at the College where my father was a professor at and Then with a Jazz quartet that I formed with my friends in High School.

I love good songs. They are life changers. They are powerful. They are beautiful! They are art.

I consider myself a full on over the ramparts artist. It’s all about incredible art. Impact! Wow!

And Rock and Roll-Jazz-Contemporary all of it is amazing.

I love connecting the perfect music with the people around me and the situation.

I like to find out from the planner-whoever that might be– what exactly is needed and wanted and then tailor my performance to fit that to the Tee!

I started using “Perfect Piano Music” as a tag line after I heard so many times from the Host or Hostess that the music is/was just “Perfect”.

My concept is that music is going to elevate any activity to a new level. Life can be full of beauty. And the beauty is created by people.

The music that I make is going to be amazingly beautiful and for very cool people.

I think on my feet to handle whatever comes up. The show must go on and it must be amazing!

I also have an amazing keyboard and fantastic sounding sound system to provide a very excellent sound if that is required.

Part of the whole production of an event can include a theme. I will find out if some specific music and or dress is required or would help to bring off a better vibe to the event and if so I will “dress the part”. For instance when I do a 30 or 40s party I have worn the suspenders and pork-pie hat and arm garters if that is exactly what’s needed. I look great in a tuxedo, or can dress classy and elegant or more casual but always professional.

Ok, I did play a party in my swim trunks once at the request of the Hostess (pool party!! Summer, “Industry” –turned out really fun– people singing around the pool etc….)

I even did a wedding with an amazing bagpipe player it was pretty awesome. We did songs from movies! It was epic.

I’m digressing a bit but I want to just get the point across that I like to create whatever effect is needed and wanted and love to do this.

I’ll be on time. I often show up very early just to be sure that the piano is perfect, I know the lay of the land etc…That way there is enough time to make any changes required. And because I’ve had experience I might recommend space layout improvements if they will help to make the event better. I will also adapt to whatever the arrangements are.

There are many amazing venues in Los Angeles and the area. The Magic Castle, Many Hotels and fine restaurants and banquet halls, event specific locations. They all have their unique character.

I often become so involved in my creations that I will l just play nonstop for the whole time that I am hired for. I have had many a Hostess insist I take a break to eat something. I will do that. But  I’m not locked into a schedule of 45 minutes on 15 off. I am re inclined to just sit and create beauty but am able to work with any schedule that works for the specific function.

The event, the product is an amazing event and that’s what I’m working on.

Of Course during  times where music is not needed and I’m happy to break to create the space for whatever is planned as well.

I play music all the time-almost every day of the yearand I make my living playing for people. I do it because I love to. I think that will show in my playing and attitude.

I am also a composer for TV, Film, Musicals, Songs and what ever will make anyone’s life more amazing!

Let’s get this party started!

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