Los Angeles Party Pianist, Composer, and…Irish Whisperer!

I’ve done a lot of gigs…1000s actually and finally last week…I became an

Irish Whisperer!

Irish Whisperers sm

Teamed up with local sax sensation Jim Scimonetti who is amazing to play with he goes out  into the audience and dazzles them and even plays two saxes at once..and Super band leader/drummer Bob Sullivan we dazzled the crowds at Los Posas Country Club for the annual Saint Patrick’s Day Diner!

It was great fun. We played every Irish song -jig, reel and the like that we knew and alternated with great dance tunes and had the place dancing and singing a long!

Great fun! Wide smiles and lots of lilt of Irish laughter ! : )

Playing amazing music for cool people, it’s a blast!

Can’t wait til  our next  Irish Gig!

Know anyone who needs amazing music? Let me know.

Contact me here!




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