Los Angeles Baby Shower Pianist Vocalist and Super Party Pianist…Strikes Again and Again!!

Who would have thought being a Los Angeles Baby Shower Pianist would be so fun? : )

When I got the call a few weeks ago and then played a super fun one in Granada Hills…I thought–it would be fun to do a post about being Mr Los Angeles Baby Shower Pianist guy…and it was.

You can read the post here.

Los Angeles Baby Shower Pianist

And then this week…one more awesome Baby Shower for none other than… Sweet Baby James! :  )

Now one more that I was contacted to play in the near future….yaaaaaay!

But….what is so great about Baby Showers?

Los Angeles Baby Shower Pianist/Vocalist Perks!

For starters on this one it was such a beautiful estate in Stevenson’s Ranch. Next, did I mention the very wonderful Steinway? And finally one forgets how fun it is  to play lovely music for happy women celebrating a mom to be and just having a wonderful time together.

My kind of gig.

I mean…I love babies and have three sisters and being in a room making amazing music for mostly lovely ladies…nice! :  )

Creating music that is perfect for the environment that I’m playing in…That’s a fun one. “Babies” is a fun one…How about

Disney almost anything but…

“Wild World”…”Oh Baby Baby It’s a Wild World…”

“Baby, I love your Way”

“Danny’s Song”

“Cat’s in the Cradle”

“Sweet Child of Mine” the garden party version! :  )

“Home” (the Phillip Phillips one)

“Yellow Submarine”

“Can You Feel the Love Tonight”

It’s always  fun to come up with new ways to make babies the theme.

And then of course almost any love song. :  )

Anyway…I now have my current favorite gig…Baby Showers!

I think it’s a wonderful idea! I’m glad that it seems like it’s getting to be

more popular…Come to think  it I have another one coming up very soon.

Of course if “mom” has her favorites they go straight to the top of the list!

And I always love requests!

If you have ideas for your baby shower…reach out.

It would be a happy honor! :  )



Want to hear me play…Videos…

Or I play all the time in the Los Angeles Area.


Lastly a video of “Makin’ Whoopee” a great baby shower song, by the way!

Happy days!

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