Los Angeles Area Pianist/Band For 90th Birthday-Birthday Parties! : )

What? : )

Trio for Parties in Los Angeles
Setting up to Play Piano music for a Birthday Party with a trio.

I was setting up the piano and PA at Braemar Country Club to make amazing music for the people Party honoring the 90th Birthday of Judge Preerson! When Justin, the awesome Sax player pointed out that that’s two 90th Birthday Parties that We have played this month!

There is a happy trend going apparently and I will say that I hope it continues past my 90th birthday! : )

Both nights a good time was had by all. At Braemar we had a trio-Sax, Bass, Piano-Vocals. The other party a quartet-add a drummer! Perfect for me and the band since we all love Standards-Swing and a wide variety of awesome music from the years from then to now!

At the end of the night I got to talk a minute with The Honorable Harry Pregerson who incidentally still works full time as a Judge in the 9th District.

(awesome man- he’s got a freeway in LA named after him)

He mentioned to me-two things I will be keeping in mind and heart..

1) Clean living! : )

2) Finding a good woman,marrying her and taking care of her!

The Judge and I
Happy Birthday Judge Perferson! : )

Thought I would pass that one from a man who on thier 90th is still working, and honestly was working harder at the party talking with guests than anyone there! : )

I hope to make Birthday Jazz music  at his 100th!! : )

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